Memorial Day Weekend Prep List

It’s mid-May, flowers are blooming, the trees once again have leaves, and finally the grass is coming back to life again. May is a time to celebrate. New England winter is over, spring is here! Memorial Day is to show gratitude and support for our troops who have served and protected us. I have many [...]

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Sold! Yet it not just another house…

Recently Shawn sold a house located at 20 Herring Weir Rd. in Duxbury, Massachusetts. There is a story behind this property, but first let's start at the beginning. Shawn was a new agent, just cutting his teeth. There was a couple looking for a home in Duxbury, they found Shawn to help them. After some [...]

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Our Grand Event

Movementum Realty officially became apart of the Hanover community on the evening of April 19th, 2018. We hosted an after-hours networking event, that included a ribbon cutting ceremony. It was run by the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce, and the whole event was catered by Faith Flemming Catering of Duxbury. Earlier in the day, Shawn [...]

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There’s a History to Pembroke: The Beginning

The Town of Pembroke was incorporated in 1712; however this town has a beginning that is even older. The first settlers to what is now know as Pembroke were Robert Barker Sr. and Dolor Davis between 1640-1650, in the Herring Run area. The native peoples that lived and worked on the land before the settlers [...]

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There’s a History to Hanover: “The Beginning”

When driving down Route 53 or 139 in Hanover it might seem hard to believe that there are many Historical sites you can visit. History within our towns is something I feel that is very important, knowing your roots and honoring those that came before us are truly what helps to shape our towns futures. [...]

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Welcome to the new Movementum Realty

Finally spring is here and we made it through the winter, but not entirely unscathed. As many of you know our Duxbury office flooded, we took on at least 10 inches of water. Having several casualties including our office computer, Shawn was left with a question. What do we do now? The Duxbury office was [...]

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Market Review Analysis: Pembroke 2016 vs 2017

Here at Movementum Realty we are always looking ahead, but with 2017 coming to a close, we are taking a glance at how the year went, and how it did over 2016. This will help us know better as to what should be expected in 2018, and how best to help our clients. This is [...]

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Market Review Comparison: Duxbury 2016 vs 2017

So as we are coming close to closing out the year, here at Movementum Realty we are always looking ahead. This time however we are taking a glance behind, but in doing so we can see where things are going for the year ahead. Here is how 2017 stacked up to 2016 for Duxbury. As [...]

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What is an Appraisal?

Appraisals A real estate appraiser is a professional that is licensed, and certified by the state. You cannot have your property "appraised" by some who is not licensed, or is not an apprentice of a licensed professional. However a broker can give a Broker's Price Opinion (BPO), also any real estate professional can give you [...]

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November 2017 Newsletter.

November 2017 Newsletter. November is a busy month for everyone. With getting ready for the holidays, traveling to see family, cooking, cleaning inside and out, preparing for the winter ahead, and of course…Thanksgiving! Here at Movementum Realty we are so very thankful to have great friends, family, and clients. You all have made our [...]

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