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Another House becomes a Home…

       At 96 Country Way in picturesque Scituate, sat a less than lovely and rather drab house. It needed... something. An update, to start, new appliances, for sure. How about floors, fixtures, and - well, what every house needs - family. This is when our very own John Heffernan and Jameson Lee stepped in. [...]

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Title 5: What you need to know

    When it comes to Title 5 there is a lot of information floating around out there. But how much do you really know? Most people know that Title 5 has to do with septic systems, and whether they pass or fail; that is about where average knowledge stops. Yet, there is so much [...]

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What’s in a Bedroom?

"Welcome to the home of my new blog Lindsay's Guide. As personal assistant for broker Shawn Moloney I will be writing a blog answering common questions in real estate and giving you my take on the real estate industry. Please feel free to comment and ask any questions that you would like me to write [...]

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