What is a CMA? What goes into it? What does it tell you?

CMA Comparative Market Analysis Home For Sale Listing

A comparative market analysis is an evaluation of a home’s value based on similar homes in the area, that have recently sold. Ideally, we like to examine comparative sales that are as recent as possible, but recent sales can easily range months out depending on availability.  Reviewing the location (neighborhood vs main road, proximity to area amenities), features (lot size, upgrades, in-ground pool, garage, etc.), and price history of these comparable sales will provide a far better understanding of the market value of your home or the market value of a home you’re preparing an offer for.  


When working with sellers, a CMA is used to help determine a listing price.  With this home value approximation and other recommended home selling preparedness steps, sellers can strategically determine a listing price that enables them to successfully sell their property for its top market value.  For buyers, a CMA is used to check ​the value of a home before preparing an offer to purchase.  I enjoy using CMA’s for my buyer clients to show them that this is the price a seller would be looking for, and how much a particular home should sell for.

Home For Sale CMA Comparative Market Analysis

A CMA is a great tool for sellers to use to sell their home as quickly as possible, while getting the highest price they can. Also it helps buyers have their offer more speedily accepted while being at a fair market value.  It is important to remember that markets can change very rapidly so having the most up-to-date CMA is crucial if you are considering buying or selling a home.  Please contact me today for your free CMA!


Trip of A Lifetime

Pebble Beach Golf Club

Prior to transitioning into life as a full-time real estate agent, I was the Director of Golf Operations at Pembroke Country Club.  Pembroke Country Club is owned by former NHL All-Star and current NBC/NBC Sports Media personality Jeremy Roenick.  During my time at Pembroke Country Club I was able to get to know Jeremy and his parents, Wally (General Manger) and Jo (Operations Manager) very well.  From late March to early December we spent almost every day together and the Roenicks more or less became a second family.  The business acumen of Wally and the hard work and dedication Wally and Jo demonstrated on a daily basis to their son’s golf course was an invaluable experience for me.  Beyond the incredible wealth of knowledge I received from Wally and Jo, it was Jeremy who is responsible for providing me with the greatest trip of my lifetime to date.


Jeremy invited myself and Pembroke Country Club Superintendent Patrick Sullivan to participate in the Lexus Champions for Charity Golf Tournament hosted by Pebble Beach Golf Links in California.  For those of you who are not familiar, Pebble Beach is perennially ranked as one of the most prestigious golf courses in the world. With breathtaking views atop cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean, it is the most beautiful sight my eyes have ever seen.  The tournament took place from December 10-14, 2014, and included rounds of play at the aforementioned Pebble Beach Golf Links, The Links at Spanish Bay and Spyglass Hill.  All three golf courses should be high up on any golfer’s bucket list;  we were fortunate enough to play all of them in that one trip!


Jeremy provided our round-trip flights, five-star accommodations at the Inn at Spanish Bay, bottomless cocktails, and a top of the line eating experience that included a mouthwatering dinner at the world-famous Tap Room (located inside the clubhouse of Pebble Beach).  The seats we sat in at the Tap Room have been warmed in the past by the likes of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods…quite the company!  

Golf Pebble Beach PGA Golfer Putting Green

On our last day in California, Jeremy had an early morning flight back to NYC, as he had to be in the broadcast studio.  Jeremy felt bad that he had to leave us so he very generously told us to use his credit card and play any course we wanted as we waited for our red-eye flight later that evening.  Of course, we went right back to Pebble Beach for another round at the course I will forever call my favorite.  This final round at Pebble was enjoyed by myself, Tom (my Dad), and Patrick Sullivan, we had one last opportunity to “take it all in” and it was a perfect way to wrap up the trip of a lifetime.


Beyond the incredible spoils of this trip, there were a couple things that really made this it go above and beyond.  When I was invited on this trip by Jeremy, I knew this was a once in a lifetime experience for any golfer and no better person I would rather experience it with than my Dad.  I reached out to Jeremy asking if it would be okay if I flew my Dad out for the trip, Jeremy didn’t hesitate in his response, “Absolutely, we’d love to have him.”  I couldn’t have been more appreciative, it was the perfect way to thank someone who has provided me with countless opportunities throughout my life, and was the least I could do to show my appreciation.  My Dad had an absolute blast.  One morning he even woke up about a $1,000 richer after a highly entertaining night of Black Jack!


One last tidbit I’d like to share.  Jeremy and his friends couldn’t have been more welcoming and accommodating while bringing us in as their own.  It was as if we had been friends with all of them for years. Sharing countless laughs, stories that will not leave California, and memories that force a smile out of me when reminisced upon.  We were all just a group of guys, having a weekend for the record books, and for me and my Dad, a trip of a lifetime.