Finally spring is here and we made it through the winter, but not entirely unscathed. As many of you know our Duxbury office flooded, we took on at least 10 inches of water. Having several casualties including our office computer, Shawn was left with a question. What do we do now?

The Duxbury office was a great location, and a nice little office. Little being the keyword here; but Movementum Realty was growing. We had recently added Patrick as an agent to our already great team of Jameson and John. Lindsay had come on as Shawn’s personal and office administrative assistant shortly before that, having our IT guy Brian in the office more, and still looking to add yet another agent to the increasingly busy agency. Finally the decision was made, in order to handle that increase in business, Movementum needed a larger office. Little just would not work anymore. So the hunt for a new office began.

On busy Rt 53 in Hanover, near Starland and the new Dairy Queen lies College Park. A modestly sized business area with several professional buildings, nicely landscaped with grassy areas, and plenty of parking. The second building on the left had an office space available on the lower level. Having two private offices, four cubicles, an IT/Supply room, coat closet, utility closet with space for property signs, an ample area for seating that can host meetings and gatherings, on top of that if had a kitchenette. Shawn decided this would be the new home of Movementum Realty.

So with a fresh coat of paint, some cleaning, taking down old shelves, throwing away some “interesting” furniture left behind, we started moving in. Quickly everyone settled into the space, including our newest agent Janine. If you haven’t seen it yet, you really should come by and check it out.

While in Duxbury, Movementum was very involved in the community, being apart of the DBA (Duxbury Business Association) and helping run Holly Days. Here in Hanover we have already joined the Chamber of Commerce, and plan to move forward at being productive with happenings in town. Community is very important, as it should be especially for real estate agents. We are not just “selling houses”, we are finding homes for people to create lives in, which helps to create these communities for people to feel safe and be involved in. People live here, some have children here, make friends and memories here, grow old here. One of the main things people look at when searching for their home, is the community. Safety, and ascetics, things to do and places to go, good and caring neighbors. This is what makes up communities. Movementum Realty is not just bringing a business to Hanover, we are bring ourselves, our values, and our need to help develop those beautiful communities people want to be apart of.

With that being said, come and welcome us to the community. We are having a Ribbon Cutting for the office on April 19th, we’d love to meet you, and for you to meet the Movementum Realty team; the newest members of your community.