Movementum Realty officially became apart of the Hanover community on the evening of April 19th, 2018.

We hosted an after-hours networking event, that included a ribbon cutting ceremony. It was run by the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce, and the whole event was catered by Faith Flemming Catering of Duxbury.

Earlier in the day, Shawn and Lindsay busily prepared the office. With the rain outside, and it being on a Thursday night they wondered how many people would actually show. Maybe 20, or 30 if we were lucky. The caters arrived around 4pm to start setting up and preparing food. The easy to grab and eat food that was served consisted of nacho cups, shrimp bruschetta, meatballs, and roast beef cups. As for drinks there were different types of red and white wine, several sodas, and an assortment of beer at the beverage table. Just before 5pm the folks from the Plymouth Chamber arrived to set up their table. Bob Nolet, and Meg Dorherty knew the routine, and they had the “Big” scissors for the cutting. Balloons and flowers decorated the office, there were a couple prizes to be won for those who dropped their business cards in the raffle box. One was a gift certificate to Tsang’s Restaurant, the other was a lawn mowing by Hillstrom Landscaping of Pembroke.

All of the Movementum employees were in attendance. Jay and John were sharing drinks with friends family and clients, Janine could be seen casually chatting, Patrick was making connections with local business professionals, Brian laughed with his wife and friends, Lindsay welcomed attendees, and Shawn smiling as he continuously made his way around the room.

At first there were only a handful of people present. The Chamber and the Photographers wanted to take the chance to get a few photos of the Movementum Crew with the ribbon before it got busy and before the actual cutting. By the time we were done and stepped back into the main office space it was full of people! The caterers floated through the room with trays passing out the hors d’oeuvres, the drink table was was busy with people streaming over for beverages of all kinds. The office was packed full of people. They were talking, laughing, swapping business cards, networking, and making friends. “What a great turn out” kept being said about the room. There were industry leaders, and new comers, friends, family, and other local business professionals, as well as Chamber members who wanted to show their support. It really was a wonderful evening.

People were relaxed, had some food, a drink or two, and chatted for a bit. Then came time for the actual ceremony part of the evening. Shawn was introduced, he gave a speech. Talking about the company, and all that we had overcome in the past year. He thanked those who had helped Movementum along the way. The Plymouth Chamber Chairman, Peter Brown said a few words, after that it was raffle time!! The Tsangs gift card went to Phillip Ashcroft of Professional Business Coaches Inc., and the lawn mowing went to our very own Jameson Lee. Finally it was time to cut the ribbon, Meg got everything set up, the photographers directed us on what looked best, Shawn had the “Big” scissors and hiding behind them was Lindsay with actual scissors that would cut the ribbon. It was all very dramatic, smiles and poses were being held so the photographers could get plenty of shots. Then ever so slowly and carefully the ribbon was cut. As it fell away Movementum Realty was officially welcomed to it’s new home in Hanover.

All of us here at Movementum Realty would like to thank all those who were able to make it to our “monumentous” occasion. Also those who were unable to make it we still thank you. The support Movementum Realty has received over the years has made it what you see today, and we all know without that support you all have given we wouldn’t be here, thriving and growing.

Thank You.

Photos above by Terry Reiber    Photos below by Denise Maccaferri