Recently Shawn sold a house located at 20 Herring Weir Rd. in Duxbury, Massachusetts. There is a story behind this property, but first let’s start at the beginning.

Shawn was a new agent, just cutting his teeth. There was a couple looking for a home in Duxbury, they found Shawn to help them. After some searching, and some showings they came upon a house on Franklin St. The couple fell in love with it and decided to make it there home. One of the best parts for them it was close to elderly parents for them to be able to help care for them.

However the purchase was not as simple as that. It was a short sale, which is not as easy as it sounds. Short sales can sometimes take months to get straightened away for purchase. Often there are liens and money owed, the seller is not the owner and they are selling the property to cover what is owed on the liens or to the bank. This usually results in a buyer needing cash to purchase the property. Shawn worked with his clients for months during the purchase of their home. This resulted in them forming a friendship.

Move forward several years later. Shawn and his first clients have stayed in touch. Now Shawn has his own brokerage, and several agents working for him. Movementum recently moved to it’s new location in Hanover, due to the flood at the Duxbury office. Busy setting up the new office, getting the new agents settled in, and planning the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. Of course Shawn would be inviting his first clients to the new office! However they reached out to him first. Sadly the elderly parents had passed, now they had the parents home in Duxbury to sell. Turning again to Shawn to help them. He busily worked at getting this done as quickly, easily, and with as little stress as possible.

Having photos done, sending out invites to the open houses, posting on social media, working his connections to the fullest, and making sure the home was presented properly to possible buyers. Reassuring his clients everything would go smoothly, and to not worry. The open houses went wonderfully, Shawn talked with agents, laughed with potential buyers, and answered questions about the home as if he had lived there.

That home was located at 20 Herring Weir Rd. Shawn’s first clients as an agent, had become his first clients in the new and expanded office. They came to the ribbon cutting, beaming with pride at how much Shawn had grown since they had purchased their home. They were delighted to meet his staff, and talk with his family. Speaking very highly of Shawn, letting everyone know they were his first clients ever 9 years ago!

So what did happen with the house at 20 Herring Weir Rd. Duxbury, Massachusetts? It sold the same weekend it was listed! On Friday there was a Broker Open, then on both Saturday and Sunday we held an open house. An offer was given and accepted. Just a few weeks later Shawn and his clients were once again sitting at the closing table ready to sign papers. Another successful closing! How often does that happen?… Weekly