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Memorial Day Weekend Prep List

It’s mid-May, flowers are blooming, the trees once again have leaves, and finally the grass is coming back to life again. May is a time to celebrate. New England winter is over, spring is here! Memorial Day is to show gratitude and support for our troops who have served and protected us. I have many [...]

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The Benefits of Staging your Home

Home staging has gained popularity in recent years – and for good reason. Staging your home can help you sell it for a higher price. According to the Realtors® Profile of Home Staging, the median price to stage a home is $675 and over 95% of buyer’s agents believe that home staging has at least [...]

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What to Expect at a Home Inspection

So you’ve signed a deal to either buy a new house, sell your old one, or maybe both. Congratulations! You’re probably full of excitement and anticipation, but before you let yourself get carried away with future plans, you still have a couple of hurdles to get over before the closing takes place. A source of [...]

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Tips For Moving And Packing

Moving is a notoriously stressful time for many people. Coupled with the natural nervousness that accompanies a big change, the thought of combing through and packing all of your belongings can be very daunting. There is also the fear of losing or breaking something important in the chaos. But here are a few pieces of [...]

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The Walking Trails Of Duxbury Part 4 Of 4

Movementum Realty Presents The Walking Trails Of Duxbury Part 4 of 4 Whiton Woods Coming from Rt. 3, go off the highway on exit 11, following Rt. 14 East. Keep following that road, through the roundabout, and bear left to merge onto Church Street where Rt. 14 bears to the right. Take the next left [...]

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Massachusetts Mandatory Licensee-Consumer Relationship Disclosure Form Explained

When buying or selling real estate, you have the right to utilize a real estate agent or a non-agent facilitator (though non-agent facilitators are not common here in Massachusetts). With real estate agents, there are four main forms of agency available, as well as two options on brokerage management. FOUR TYPE OF AGENTS Buyer's Agent [...]

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