So as we are coming close to closing out the year, here at Movementum Realty we are always looking ahead. This time however we are taking a glance behind, but in doing so we can see where things are going for the year ahead. Here is how 2017 stacked up to 2016 for Duxbury.

As you can see from this report some items are up, and some are down. A decrease does not always show something as being bad; like the decrease of days on the market from 2016 to 2017 is a very good thing. That means homes are being sold faster, it is a good indicator that the housing market is on the rise, and people are actively looking for homes to purchase. You can also see that there were less homes put on the market in 2017, but the average listing price did increase. Less homes on the market, a decrease in the number of days being listed, and an increase in listing price, it is turning into a sellers market. Buyers have been snatching up houses more quickly this year as opposed to last year.


You can see from this chart that even though less units were listed in 2017, the number of units sold base upon in averages was higher than in 2016. That averages to a 1.6% increase this year over last year. It might not seem like a lot, however any sold listings increase in the world real estate, is always a good thing.







Here you can see the homes pricing per square foot. As you can see not only did the list price increase, but as far as price changes go that was actually a decrease in amounts over 2016.In 2016 the price change/ sqft difference was $8.79, while in 2017 it was only $5.41. That is a $3.38 dollar loss/ sqft over last year.







The average list price increased in 2017, the loss in price changes was less drastic than in 2016, and on average the sold pricing per home was only a $757.48 difference over last year.








Days homes spent on the market in 2017 on average was 14 days less than in 2016, and offers were received 5 days sooner this past year.

Showing the break down of listing activity in real numbers for Duxbury in 2016 vs 2017.


This is how things went from this past year versus 2016, this should help you get a feel for how 2018 is looking to start out. All of us here at Movementum Realty are looking forward to working hard, and making it another year full of good increases.